| 2014-2017 |

Three video-art exhibits, which individually and symbiotically deals with perception of spaces, dimensions and how it connects to the spectator's experience


 |  03:03 min 1 channel video projection 2014  |

Stills from “Blue server farm” 

Stills from “Blue server farm” 


Text by Galia Yahav, Ha’aretz 2014:
The " Blue server farm " is an hypnotic video projection (3:03) of a google server farm.
The moving image went through a process in a software that indicate all the pixels that needs to be fixed in the original photograph and colouring those pixels in blue,
all that is unseen as a material or information are the burned pixels or the black pixels.
Instead of fixing the image, Dror is emphasising those blue marks that became the negative, the “dark matter” of the image.
And so the video is projecting the multi layered abstract-geometric damaged world that is moving slowly.


|  10:14 min 1 channel video projection 2016  |  


Text by Elinore Darzi, Cinematheque Tel Aviv 2016:
In the “ Cinema Blue” video-art Dror created a space oriented piece.
The movie theatre becomes a 3D model which floats in the black vacuum space.
The model's made of blue dots, which are "no information" particles on the original photo the model's made of. The blue dots are made by a photo processing application which is used to fix dark areas of pictures.
The Video is a journey into the image's own black matter. This piece praises the psychological intermediate state of the unseen, and that opens up an expansion of the viewer's visual field.
The flight through the layers of information seem endless. This feels like the virtual limbo we experience in our everyday reality.
This video installment sheds light on the way the screen produces space and reality and makes us lose steady ground on reality, moving us into a situation which isn't absolute and clear, but beyond it. 

Read the Full text by Elinore Darzi




|  06:10 min 1 channel video projection 2017  |

                                 Stills from “in darkness” 

                                 Stills from “in darkness”